I'm Divya. A full-stack developer.

My Moto: Research, Design, Develop.

They are adorable, aren't they?

And they teach us some very important software development lessons.

Research: When you start a project you should keep your eyes wide open and research about the idea. Getting to know what your audience wants is important. You can't just act blind.

Design: Every step is crucial in software development. If you skip design and just start developing you might end up with a software which is not robust and flexible. Design is like coming up with a blueprint for the house before actually building it. Be open to ideas from people around, especially your team members.

Develop: When you are developing the product specially when you are part of a team, you need to be vocal. Communication is key for developing a good product.

I am currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Since joining USC, I have greatly enhanced my programming skills by taking up the course on Algorithms and also by building some amazing bots as a part of the course on Artificial Intelligence. I have also worked on diversifying my knowledge and skill set by taking up the course on Natural Language Processing and loved every bit of developing projects like a Part of Speech tagger and a Perceptron Classifier.

Currently, I am doing a summer internship at PhaseSpec in collaboration with the AMI institute of USC. The company has developed and advanced a new approach to the analysis of hyper spectral imagery. As an intern, I have been developing the iOS version of the application that does analysis on spectral data and then presents it to the user using Plotly density graphs and image segmentation. Before interning at PhaseSpec, I was also one of the graders for the undergraduate level course on Data Structures and Object Oriented Design.

Additionally, I have almost 6 years of professional application development experience. During this time, I have programmed in many languages like Python, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, C# and Swift and worked on a vast array of projects and teams. Most recently, I led a team of developers at Kiota Labs to implement an end to end food delivery platform. My stint at Infosys helped me gain valuable experience in system design and full stack development. At Bitcot Inc. I was solely responsible for designing, developing and shipping the Do Not Disturb iOS application.

Short-term goal: I am looking for full time opportunities which allow me to apply my experience and provide an environment for me to learn; I have a diverse profile and am open to pick up new technologies.

Long-term goal: Make technology more accessible, especially to women. I believe technology can be a game changer if it is accessible to all, and can help solve some of the deep-rooted problems we are facing. By bringing more women in touch with technology, there is a higher probability of them taking to it. I believe I am in a position to make difference in this area, and I intend to capitalize on it.

All-time goal: Keep learning, always!

PS: When I am not coding or honing my technical skills, I love writing technical articles for @freeCodeCamp.

Did I tell you I sing and love to write poetry as well? Do check that out on Medium and Smule.

My Skills

iOS Framework

Experience Timeline

  1. Software Developer Intern

    AMI, USC

    Apr 2018 - Present

    Designed and Developed an iOS plugin using PhoneGap and integrated it with Onsen UI. The app uses plotly to display the processed spectral data.

  2. Course Grader

    USC Viterbi School of Engg.

    Jan 2018 - Apr 2018

    CSCI 104: Data Structures and Object Oriented Design by Professor Sandra Batista & Professor Aaron Cote(Spring-2018)

  3. Senior Software Engineer

    Kiota Labs Private Limited

    Apr 2015 - Jun 2017

    Led a team of developers to implement an end-to-end food delivery platform. Conceptualized and designed several features of the platform.

  4. Senior Software Engineer

    BitCot Inc.

    Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

    Conceptualized, designed and implemented an iOS native application called Do Not Disturb based on custom profiles and locations.

  5. Senior Software Engineer


    Apr 2014 - Sep 2014

    Worked on migrating the checkout functionality on Nordstrom's E-commerce website to use the Restful APIs.

  6. Software Engineer


    Oct 2011 - Mar 2014

    Developed a bunch of features on the Nordstrom's E-commerce website, mainly on the product page.



Coderchef Kitchen

Founder and Maintainer at Coderchef Kitchen which is an actively growing repository of amazing programming problems with well commented solutions and beautiful diagramatic explanations in the form of blog posts.


Baby Lizards Solver, a fun variant of N-Queens

As a part of the Artificial Intelligence course at USC, I Designed and Implemented a solution for the Baby Lizards problem which is basically N-Queens problem but with obstacles in the form of Trees. I used BFS, DFS and Simulated Annealing to solve this problem.


PhaseSpec App

PhaseSpec has developed and advanced a new approach to the analysis of hyperspectral imaging datasets – HySP – to provide a solution for the increasing need of analyzing hyperspectral data on the spot. My work at PhaseSpec is to build a mobile application using PhoneGap, iOS native libraries and Plotly.js. This app does analysis on the spectral data and presents it to the user in the form of Plotly density graphs and image segmentation.


Hotel Review Classifier - I

As a part of the Applied Natural Language Processing course at USC, I wrote a Naive Bayes classifier for hotel review classification task. We were given a data set containting a list of hotel reviews. These reviews were either True/Fake and Positive/Negative. The classifier was successful in classifiying the reviews to respective classes with an F1 score of 0.90.


Hidden Markov Model based Part-of-Speech Tagger

Used Trigram Hidden Markov Models and the Viterbi Algorithm to build a Part-of-Speech Tagger.The tagger was able to get a mean F1 score of 0.91 on the provided dataset. Used Python for programming the tagger and NLTK for tokenization.

Github Blog-1 Blog-2

Portfolio Website

Created a personal portfolio website on Github pages. The Website is built on top of Hyde which is 2 column Jekyll theme. The Website is built entirely using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is an iOS application, built on top of the native DND feature provided by iOS. The app uses location and custom profiles giving the user flexibility and ease of exploiting DND at its best. Technology Stack: Swift, SQLite.


Travel App

Travel App lets you search for places in or around a place. The search could be generic or specific to a category. The app then gets you all the relevant data for the place from Google place APIs. Technology Stack : Swift, iOS framework. Third-party libraries by CocoaPods are also being used.


Hotel Review Classifier - II

As part of the Applied NLP's coursework @USC, I implemented a Vanilla and an Averaged Perceptron to classify hotel reviews. The dataset for this project was the same as that of Naive Bayes Classifier. The Averaged perceptron gave a test set F1 score of 0.93